Thursday, January 19, 2017

19/1/17 Homework

-Bring periodic table quiz for next week's lesson

-Complete thermometric titration and submit by Friday(20/1/17)

- Chemistry(Completed by week 4): 
  • Complete Pages 2-8 of WS (Flipped classroom)- collect from Ms Mohan's Pigeon hole
  • Workbook to submit qns :Section B Qn 3 + Section C Qns 1 & 2
-Write introduction for EL by tonight

-Complete sexuality education form and assessment schedule acknowledgement form, if you have not, by tomorrow

-Complete english(is reading really that important activity) by tomorrow
-Complete math's currency homework and pass to Adam tomorrow
Please ensure that it is Tier C Q5 not Q6
-Complete endothermic and exothermic physical changes in the mind map
-Complete Bio Eye practical by copying answer sent by Mrs Wong
[Homework - Workbook Worksheet 12B, p.115]
Section A: All questions
Section B: All questions
Section C: Q1 only

Deadline = Monday (23 Jan), 4:30 pm.

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