Thursday, February 2, 2017

2/2/17 Homework

  1. Complete Chem Oxidation and Reduction flipped classroom activity before tomorrow's Chem lesson
  2. Finish selected SS questions in the handout given 
  3. Finish math differentiation worksheet by tomorrow and submit to Adam
  4. Complete comprehension worksheet for EL by tomorrow
  6. Complete SPA practices for BIO by Next week
  7. Think about physics Static Electricity apparatus
  8. Biotech students to complete both lab worksheets by next week
  9. Optional:  
  • Math in Email

Bio Dates:
T1 W5 - 10 min Eye, 10 min Nervous System
            - SPA Skills 2

W6 - Practice Task
W7 - Practical test
W8 - Practice Task
W9 - Level test - Homeostasis, nervous system, eye, hormones
W10 - SPA #2  

For Hindi Students:

Chen Ning to bring correction tape tomorrow

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