Tuesday, February 28, 2017

28/2/17 Homework

Complete Math integration Worksheet (2) on pages 14 - 15, Questions 3 ... 5 ... 6 ... 8 ... 9

This week:
Bring 2.50 for English TYS by Wednesday
Complete english Intro and 1st body Para by Friday in hard copy or online by Saturday eveningpp

Next week:
Do a mindmap on the driving forces of globalisation refer to Textbook chapter(252-268) for SS by next wednesday

No deadline:
Finish selected SS questions in the handout given 
Start working on level test practices


-place an order for class photos and inform Aeron

Bio Dates:

W9 - Level test 
W10 - SPA #2  

Additional Tasks: 

-start working on/complete  NYAA 
-Fill up form for testimonial by June

Level Test Information:

BIO: Homeostasis, nervous system, eye, hormones
Physics: Light, Sound, Static Electricity, current of electricity(specific parts that is taught)
Emath: Mathematics in practical situation
Amath: Differentiation and application of differentiation 

Geography: Topics tested for Geog Level Test (2 March):

1. Variations in global food consumption patterns
2. Reasons for growth and variations in food consumption 
3. Impact of adequate and excess food consumption on individuals and countries
4. Trends in production of food crops 
5. Physical factor influencing the intensity of food production 

The above content is in the textbook pages 90 - 128. There will be one LORMS essay qn (8 marks) while the rest are data-response questions. 

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