Wednesday, February 8, 2017

8/2/17 Homework

  1. Complete Chem Oxidation and Reduction flipped classroom activity before thursday's Chem lesson
  2. Finish selected SS questions in the handout given 
  3. Math Differentiation Assignment 1c: Qn1 (h) (i) (j)  Qn2  Qn3
  4. Biotech students to complete both lab worksheets by tomorrow
  5. Finish Chem Workbook exercise Pg 68-74 on Redox by 9 February(Thurs)
  6. Read up on all of the pages for reproduction in plants for Bio
  7. Complete mindmap for 109-117 and complete the essay question posted in the google classroom by Friday
  8. Complete reflection for reading assignment 1-3 in a new A4 book by Monday, next week
  9. Complete English Comprehension before next lesson
  10. Complete quiz 10,11 for math differentiation by thursday
  11. Complete physics, static electricity workbook assignment by Monday
  12. Complete SS pg 233-235 for assertion question by next SS lesson
  13. Rewrite EL introduction(found in Google classroom) on foolscap and submit by Friday 
  14. Complete nervous system worksheet by tomorrow
  15. Start working on Tchoukball coaching template 
  16. Optional:  
  • Math in Email

Bio Dates:
W6 - Practice Task for nervous system on Thursday
W7 - Practical test
W8 - Practice Task
W9 - Level test - Homeostasis, nervous system, eye, hormones
W10 - SPA #2  

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