Monday, February 20, 2017

P-VP EXCO Meeting Takeaways

These are a few of the tips and suggestions Rohan and I gathered from the meeting today. Take a look and maybe we can work together to implement some of these:

Study Tips

Check SEAB website for the syllabus document to help you identify what is important in each topic

Do not simply read off topic worksheets and slides while studying (it may be so summarised that it lacks explanation and you may not understand)

For your own notes, make a mind map and link points and concepts together and not just put info a document of bullet points

Make the effort to memorise and understand

Try your best to make notes of the topic taught on each weekend

Definitions are very important. (Tip: Most science and math definitions are linked to a formula.)

Other Rules and Suggestions

Everyone MUST leave the classrooms and make sure that all doors are locked during breaks.

Plan a class outing. :)

Spend time on exercise to try and bust your stress. (Music helps too.)

If you have difficulty buying and finishing food on Monday due to the crowded canteen, try to bring your own food.

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