Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March holidays

No deadline:
Finish selected SS questions in the handout given 
Start working on chemistry practical on electrochemistry

March holidays:
Complete SS SRQ practice for globalisation
Complete geography essay 
Complete activity 1,2,4,5 for BIO molecular genetics
Complete Math Holiday homework
Complete both phyiscs SPA practice in Email 
Complete english editing practices

Physics [Homework - Workbook Worksheet 18A, p.169]

Section A: All questions
Section B: Q3, Q4 and Q5
Section C: All questions
Deadline = Monday (20 Mar), 3:30 pm.

Physics[Homework - Workbook Worksheet 18B, p.175]
Section A: All questions
Section B: Q2 only
Section C: All questions
Deadline = Wednesday (22 Mar), 3:30 pm.

Complete Emath paper

Complete English Essay by Sunday
Complete chemistry assignments by second chemistry lesson after march holiday

Additional Tasks: 

-start working on/complete  NYAA 
-Fill up form for testimonial by June

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